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Our history begins on January 17, 1996 in Veliko Tarnovo when two young Bulgarian entrepreneurs, Anton Tanev and Georgi Georgiv, co-found the company Prestige 96.

Why Prestige?

Prestige is a synonym of good reputation. Our name stands behind our products as a guarantee for high quality and good taste.

Why 96?

Our first production series consisted of exactly 96 wafers. Today we make millions of wafers and biscuits a year.

For almost two decades we make Bulgarias favorite sweets and we constantly research our consumers preferences and listen to their advice. We at Prestige 96 share a common strive for prosperity, innovation, quality and perfection.

Our portfolio consists of a wide range of biscuits, wafers and sponge cakes presented by the brands Hyper, Spoko, Troya, Naya, Trayana, Roden Kray, Mirage, Prestige, Nasladki and Prestige Muesli. We constantly develop each one of them in order to offer our consumers a variety of flavors and high quality.

In 2012, Prestige 96 changed its ownership. Today companys control stocks are owned by the leading multinational private equity funds TRG Management LP and Stage Capital.

Through the years we have managed to become one of the biggest producers of sweets in the country and abroad. Our products can be found in more than 25 countries worldwide, and this number is steadily growing.

Production and Quality

We seek innovation and constantly invest in it. In October 2013 we opened a brand new factory, which covers an area of 28 400 m². The factory features modern and high-tech production lines, as well as an innovative storage system. Quality control is carried out on several levels by specialized laboratories researching the of physico-chemical and organoleptic indicators. We have professional equipment for microbiological analysis, research and testing of new products.

Prestige 96 Production Area

Prestige 96 WarehousePremises and Laboratory

We invested BGN 30 million in this project an investment which won us prize Investor of the year for 2012.

    2012 .      2012 .

Shortly afterwards, the factory was honored with the Building of the Year Award. In 2012 it won the first place in the category Industrial projects for its architecture, location, public benefits, and interior design.

   2012 -

As a longstanding market leader company strives to justify our consumers trust, ensuring sustainable high quality of all our products.

To achieve this, company employees test each product multiple times at every stage of its creation - from selecting the highest quality raw materials to product packaging. In order to be among the best of the best, Prestige 96 is certified with ISO 22000: 2005, ISO 9001: 2015, IFS and HALAL.


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